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Francis P. Church Biography

Throughout the Civil War, Church functioned as a war correspondent. He along with his brother, William Conant Church, worked jointly to The Army and Navy Journal. In 1897, Church composed his most renowned work. His response to Virginia O’Hanlon’s query about Santa Claus immediately became a holiday classic. Church perished in Nyc in 1906.

Produced on February 22, 1839, in Rochester, Ny, newspaper editor and writer Francis Pharcellus Church wrote among the very most well-known newspaper editorials ever. He composed a reply to some young girl’s query regarding the existence of Santa Claus in 1897 that remains popular to this very day.

He graduated from Columbia College (now called Columbia University) in 1859. To get a time, Church considered a profession in law, but soon abandoned that thought to get a life in media. Throughout the Civil War, Church was employed as a war correspondent. The pair also created a literary publication called Galaxy Magazine in 1869. Contributors to Galaxy comprised Mark Twain and Henry James.

That year he was requested to respond to your letter from an 8-year old girl named Virginia O’Hanlon asking about Santa Claus. She wrote that “Some of my small buddies there’s no Santa Claus … Papa says ‘In Case you see it in The Sun it is so … please tell me the truth.” Church’s now well-known response reached the hearts of Sun subscribers and afterwards many others.

Church composed: “Yes, Virginia, there’s a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity exist, and you realize that they abound and give to your own life its highest beauty and delight.” He credited her pals’ unbelief to being “influenced by the skepticism of a skeptical age.”

While he composed many articles and editorials during his life, Church will be remembered best for his moving comment on Santa Claus. He expired on April 11, 1906, in his Nyc residence. It has additionally inspired several publications, such as the 2001 children’s illustrated story Yes, Virginia, There’s a Santa Claus. The storyline of O’Hanlon’s letter and Church’s response have formed the narrative to get several movies, most recently the 2009 television special, Yes, Virginia.

Francis P. Church Biography

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