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Francis Hopkinson Biography

Full nameFrancis Hopkinson
Know asFrancis Hopkinson, Francis Hopkins, Hopkins, Francis
Birth date1737-09-21
Lived53 years, 7 month, 18 days
EducationThe Academy and College of Philadelphia
SpouseAnn Borden

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Francis Hopkinson Biography:

Francis Hopkinson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 2, 1737. Hopkinson’s interests expanded beyond politics; he was a prolific composer and writer, additionally serving as an attorney, judge, bureau of Customs collector and treasurer, among other functions. He also promised to have designed the U.S. flag. Hopkinson expired in Philadelphia on May 9, 1791, in the age of 53.

Francis Hopkinson was born into a well off family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 2, 1737. He graduated in the first class of the School of Philadelphia (which later became the University of Pennsylvania). A gifted musician, Hopkinson composed many pieces over his life, including “My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free” (1759)—the first living non-religious song composed in the American colonies.

Hopkinson became a lawyer in 1761, after working as a customs collector. In 1774, he was named to the governor’s council in New Jersey. Nevertheless, Hopkinson would shortly join those who supported American independence. Hopkinson represented New Jersey in the Continental Congress in 1776, and was among the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Following the fight for independence were won, a Constitutional Convention was held in 1787 so that you can produce a more powerful ruling file for the newest state. Some matched a more strong central government, but Hopkinson actively supported the new Constitution and asserted in favor of the its ratification. He also wrote “The New Roof,” an allegory that detailed why a fresh authorities (roof) was needed to safeguard its citizens. Finally, the new Constitution was adopted.

There isn’t any conclusive answer about who was responsible for the arrangement and type of the flag’s stars, but Hopkinson’s other design work, including leading to the design of the Great Seal of the United States, adds credence to his play for credit. Hopkinson perished in his native Philadelphia, leaving behind a widow and five kids. Hopkinson’s life outcome contained creations, musical compositions and writing that ranged from satire to serious essays.

Francis Hopkinson Biography

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