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Francis Crick Biography




Biophysicist Francis Crick was born in Northampton, England, in 1916. He helped develop radar and magnetic mines during the Second World War. Following the war, he started studying the construction of DNA together with the University of Cambridge Medical Research Council at its Cavendish Laboratory with James D. Watson. He soon started conducting research toward a Ph.D., but, in 1939, his course was interrupted by the outbreak of World War II. Supported primarily with a scholarship in the Medical Research Council, Francis Crick went to Cambridge and worked in the Strangeways Research Laboratory before moving forward to Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge in 1949. A young American named James Watson appeared in the laboratory in 1951, and he and Crick formed a collaborative working relationship unraveling the mysteries of the arrangement of DNA. Crick also was a scholar once more in this era, and he got his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge’s Gonville and Caius College in 1954.

Francis Crick Biography