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Ethel Rosenberg Biography

Full nameEthel Greenglass
Birth placeNew York City, New York, USA
Birth date1915-9-25
Age104 years, 7 month, 26 days
Star signLibra
Height4' 11" (1.5 m)

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Ethel Greenglass Biography:

Born in 1915 in Nyc, Ethel Rosenberg went to Seward High School. Rosenberg became involved in a workers’ union there and shortly became a supporter of the Communist Party. In 1939, she married Julius Rosenberg. Soon after his arrest in 1950, Ethel was brought into detention as a coconspirator in a scheme to give U.S. military secrets to the Soviets. Produced on September 28, 1915, in Nyc, Ethel Rosenberg grew through to the town ‘s Lower East Side. Her dad, an immigrant from Russia, also had a son from an earlier union. The family, all crowded together in a tenement flat, after grew to include two brothers, Bernard and David.

Rosenberg soon found a job using the National New York Packing and Shipping Company. Through her occupation, she became involved in societal and political causes. It was at a union occasion that she met Julius Rosenberg. The two started dating, and they each acquired a powerful fascination with the Community Party. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg wed in 1939.

Ethel Rosenberg’s part in among the very ill-famed U.S. instances of espionage has remained uncertain. Her husband, Julius, allegedly recruited her smaller brother, David Greenglass, to give info to the Soviets. While serving in the U.S. Army, Greenglass had been delegated to work on the famous Manhattan Project, which led to the development of the atomic bomb, and he presented notes and sketches of classified materials to Julius Rosenberg. This accusation appears to be the only real direct evidence of Ethel’s participation in her husband’s spying actions. Many specialists consider that Ethel was charged in the case as ways to pressure Julius to give up names of other conspirators. However, the move backfired. The couple stayed steadfast in proclaiming their innocence.

The Rosenbergs went to trial in March 1951. David Greenglass testified against them in exchange to get a lesser sentence. Together with the pervading anticommunist campaign already under way in America, the Rosenbergs had little opportunity of a fair trial. Ethel Rosenberg was convicted and sentenced to death, despite too little direct evidence linking her to Julius’s actions. Assistants of the Rosenbergs campaigned and protested for the couple. Both presidents Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower were requested to give them clemency, but refused to allow a presidential pardon. The Rosenbergs fought for their lives via some court appeals, but to no avail.

Ethel Rosenberg was executed at Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, Ny, on June 19, 1953, only minutes after her husband was put to death. A rabbi had apparently requested to Ethel to work with authorities after Julius’s departure to prevent her execution, but she refused. Based on The New York Times, she said, “I ‘ve no names to give. I am innocent.”

The case against Ethel Rosenberg continues to be questioned widely since her departure. While more evidence on her husband has appeared over time, Ethel’s part in the conspiracy has remained uncertain. The most damaging testimony came from her very own brother. David Greenglass, nevertheless, afterwards confessed that he lied about his sister’s engagement in case.

Ethel Rosenberg Biography

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