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Edward Alexander Bouchet Biography

The exact same year, he started his studies at Yale University. He finished his bachelor’s degree in 1874. Bouchet made history two years after, becoming the very first African American to earn a doctorate degree in America. After earning his doctorate in physics, he taught in the School for Colored Youth in Philadelphia for more than 25 years. He died in 1918. Produced in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1852, Edward Alexander Bouchet is famous for becoming the very first African American to earn a doctorate degree in America (1876). His father William, a former slave, worked as a servant and afterwards as a porter at Yale University. He also acted as a deacon in the Temple Street Church in New Haven.

The youngest of four kids, Bouchet attended New Haven High School from 1866 to 1868. He continued his schooling in the Hopkins Grammar School, where he studied math and history as well as learning Latin and Greek. Bouchet graduated valedictorian of his class from Hopkins in 1870. With this particular achievement, Bouchet joined a select band of professors; just some of other folks had earned that same degree in the nation’s history at now.

Despite his remarkable accomplishment, Bouchet cannot get a faculty professorship on account of his race. He instead went to work in the School for Colored Youth in Philadelphia. For much more than 25 years, Bouchet educated chemistry and physics at among the few associations that offered African Americans a demanding academic program. However, the school altered its direction in 1902 to focus on offering vocational training.

After leaving the school, Bouchet held various occupations. He died there in 1918. Since his passing, Bouchet has received numerous honours. Yale University installed a tombstone to recall him in 1998, as well as the school’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences created the Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society in his name. Yale additionally gives out the Bouchet Leadership Award to professors who help advance diversity in higher education.

Edward Alexander Bouchet Biography

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