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Eddie Vedder Biography




Their very first record, Ten, explored topics of depression and suicide, making the hits “Alive,” “Evenflow” and “Black.” The group’s 1994 tour was canceled in a fight with Ticketmaster through cost inflation. Other famous records contain Vs. and Vitalogy, and other important hits include “Daughter” and “Jeremy.”

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Raised in Chicago, Vedder was only 1 when his parents divorced. His mom immediately remarried and with her new husband ran a little orphanage from their house. For a lot of years Vedder was led to consider that his stepfather was his biological father. The angst Vedder felt when he eventually found the truth fueled much of his later music, for example, development of one Pearl Jam’s earliest hits, “Alive.”

After dropping from high school, Vedder embraced his mom’s maiden name and moved to San Diego, where he shortly immersed himself in Southern California’s lively surfing scene.

While residing in San Diego Vedder was a part of many groups, including one called Bad Radio.

Eddie Vedder Biography