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Ed Burns Biography

Produced in Queens, Ny, in 1968, Ed Burns is a moviemaking triple danger, as he directs, acts and stars in his own movies. He started his livelihood by making movie shorts in school and realized success with his 1995 indie movie, The Brothers McMullen. He is been creating pictures ever since. Burns is married to supermodel Christy Turlington as well as the couple have two kids.

There have been many film buffs in his Irish-Catholic family, inspiring Burns to produce short films at Hunter College. After graduating, he was employed as a production assistant for various television shows, including Entertainment Tonight. Later, he was prepared for feature films.

One year after, Ed Burns finished The Brothers McMullen. He made it in just eight months, shooting it at his parents’ house having a budget under $30,000. The storyline revolves around three Irish-Catholic brothers from Long Island as well as their various plays. Burns impersonated among the sibs. The movie won the Grand Jury Prize in the 1995 Sundance Film Festival. In addition, it solidified Burns’ career in separate features after bringing in $10 million at the box office. The up and coming filmmaker made She Is the One a year after, with Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz. Despite not making a box office sensation with this followup or any others, Burns remains committed to being an independent film trailblazer. The truth is, his 2007 romcom Purple Violets was the initial feature film to debut on iTunes.

Ed Burns stars not only in his own films, but in other people’s as well.

TV jobs are also part of Burns’ repertoire. Behind the scenes, he took a chance at making a show along with his brother, Brian Burns, as well as their production company, Irish Twins. Sadly, his 2001 comedic show, The Fighting Fitzgeralds, about an Irish fireman and his family, lasted just one season.

Before his union, Burns was romantically linked with several of his costars, including Maxine Bahns, Lauren Holly and Heather Graham. But it was a model rather than an celebrity who stole his heart. In 2006, they’d son Finn. This family man has come an extended way personally and professionally since making The Brothers McMullen. He is now contemplating a sequel to the film for the 20th anniversary of its own release, in 2015.

Ed Burns Biography

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