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E.L. James Biography

Full nameErika Mitchell
Birth placeLondon, England, UK
Birth date1963-3-7
Age57 years, 0 month, 26 days
Star signPisces

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Erika Mitchell Biography:

Initially a television executive, James started composing erotic stories inspired by the Twilight fiction show and releasing them online. She self-released Fifty Shades of Grey as an ebook in 2011. The novel became a phenomenon, topping bestseller charts and breaking records subsequent to the publication of a trade paperback. Her dad worked as a BBC cameraman as well as the family lived in Buckinghamshire, in South East England. After graduating, she embarked on a lifetime career in television, climbing to the degree of executive. While James developed her career on TV, she had not been active as a writer until 2009. Then, she started writing fanfiction inspired by the Twilight vampire fiction collection written by Stephenie Meyer.

The novel that Leonard shaped out of those stories, titled Masters of the Universe, appeared online in episodes on several sites. Masters of the Universe was more explicitly sexual than Meyer’s first works, which were intended for young adult audiences, and contained descriptions of sadomasochism, bondage and entry. James afterwards removed her bits from fanfiction websites, compiling them on her own web site instead. It was at this point that she switched the names of both principal characters from Bella and Edward to Anastasia and Christian Grey. She’s since said that her novel bears little similarity to the content that inspired it.

In 2011, James printed the initial third of Masters of the Universe below the name Fifty Shades of Grey. She failed to attach her actual name to the sexual work, assuming the identity E.L. James. The novel was initially created as an ebook as well as a print on demand paperback book from The Writers’ Coffee Shop, located in Australia. Writers’ Coffee Shop released a second volume, Fifty Shades Darker, the exact same year, and a third episode the next year below the name Fifty Shades Freed.

In a limited while, the Grey novels reached a remarkable degree of popularity based entirely on word of mouth and internet ads. Sales continued to grow as the media focused on James’ work, mentioning as a case study of viral marketing as well as the assurance of e readers. Dubbed “mommy porn” for its appeal to middle aged girls, the novel may be read discreetly in its electronic structure even in public settings.

In April 2012, Vintage printed a print edition of Fifty Shades of Grey. From the conclusion of summer time, the novel had outsold the previous record holder—the Harry Potter collection—in the United Kingdom. Sales also broke records in America, where the book topped the bestseller charts for 20 weeks or maybe more despite a gloomy critical reception. The publication also ignited discussion about the access to sexually explicit content in public libraries. The couple got two sons.

E.L. James Biography

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