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Doc Holliday Biography

Full nameJohn Henry Holliday
Know asHolliday, Doc, Doc Holliday
Birth placeClaremont, North Carolina, U.S.
Birth date1851-08-14
Lived36 years, 2 month, 25 days
OccupationDentist, professional gambler, gunfighter
SpouseBig Nose Kate
Parents* Henry Burroughs Holliday, * Alice Jane McKey, * Henry Burroughs Holliday, * Alice Jane McKey

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John Henry Holliday Biography:

They were the two most well-known faces in what’s considered as the most celebrated conflict of the West: the gunfight in the O.K. Corral, which cemented Holliday’s standing as a legend. He hailed from middle class stock. Holliday was adored by his parents, in particular his mom. Created using a cleft palate, Holliday had undergone corrective surgery, but his speech needed significant work. Ever aware of her son’s state and precisely what others might say of his arrival state or the manner he spoke, she spent hours working with him to correct his speech. In addition she imparted to her son the Southern etiquette and manner that will eternally represent his conduct.

By all reports, Holliday was a brilliant pupil who excelled at school. His dedication to his novels quickened in 1866, when his mom died of tuberculosis. Her death devastated Holliday, and he poured himself into mathematics and science as a means to deal with her loss. To get a time, Holliday returned to the South to start his dental profession. But in the age of 23 he fled to Dallas, Texas. The cause of this sudden move is not completely clear, but historical research strongly indicates that Holliday, who had got tuberculosis, believed he had do better in the drier atmosphere.

Holliday continued with his dental profession in his new house, but the Dallas nightlife, particularly its drinking and card games, called to him. Shortly, his gambling habits directed his life. From the mid-1870s, he had already acquired a solid reputation for card playing and fighting. After escaping a charge of homicide in Dallas, Holliday went on the move. He afterwards followed Earp to Tombstone, Arizona, a booming mining and frontier town close to the Mexican boundary.

It was in Tombstone the Doc Holliday legend that will be passed down from one generation to the next was made. More than 30 shots were fired in a 30-second conflict that came to be known as the shootout in the O.K. Corral. It is potentially the most infamous gunfight ever fought in the American West. The conflict left three men dead and many others wounded, including Holliday. Both Holliday and Wyatt Earp were detained for homicide but rapidly released of the charges.

After the fight, Morgan Earp was killed, placing his brother Wyatt away on the Earp Vendetta Ride. Holliday followed his buddy on the ride, which went nicely into 1882 and saw an array of killings. After carving from Wyatt Earp, Holliday moved to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. His health continued to deteriorate, and he died of tuberculosis in a resort on November 8, 1887.

His departure reverberated across the united states. Despite his lawless ways and his quick temper, Holliday’s character was augmented from the exact same Southern etiquette his mom had instructed as kid. “He signified a group of guys that are vanishing in the new West. He had the reputation of being a true bunco guy, desperado, and poor-guy usually, yet he was an extremely mild mannered guy, was genial and companiable, and had many outstanding qualities.”

Doc Holliday Biography

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