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Deidra “Dee Dee” Roper Biography

Full nameDeidra Muriel Roper
Star signLeo

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Deidra Muriel Roper Biography:

As a teen she started performing as a DJ in The Big Apple ‘s emerging hip hop arena. Taking “Spinderella” as her DJ name, she joined Cheryl James and Sandra Denton as the next member of hip-hop group Salt N Pepa in 1987. The trio released several successful records in the late 1980s and ’90s, and won a Grammy Award in 1994. Deidra Muriel Roper was born on August 3, 1971, in the borough of Brooklyn in Nyc. She grew up in Brooklyn as one of five kids. She’d later remember that her dad’s extensive record group had given her an early appreciation for music.

She learned some DJ techniques from her boyfriend and started making her own appearances as a DJ in the area music arena. The classmate was linked to hip hop producer Hurby Azor, the supervisor of the up and coming group Salt N Pepa. Roper auditioned for Azor and was encouraged to join Salt N Pepa as their DJ.

Denton and James had recently parted ways with their first DJ, Pamela Latoya Greene. Just several weeks after Roper joined the duo, choosing “Spinderella” as her DJ name, Salt N Pepa’s single “Push It” became a hit. Roper was a part of the song’s video and started to tour within Salt N Pepa, backing up both rappers with instrumental music and sampling on her turntables.

Roper participated in the record of Salt N Pepa’s second record, A Salt with a Deadly Pepa, released in 1988, in addition to the group’s following three records. From the time Salt N Pepa disbanded in 2002, the group had sold more than 12 million records world-wide. Roper, James and Denton were recognized as trailblazers for other girls in hip hop so when a vital power in hip hop’s slow crossover into mainstream pop music.

Deidra Roper has continued to perform as a DJ at events nationally. She co-hosted a radio show in La from 2003 to 2006, and from 2007 to 2008 she made several appearances on a reality-television show about James’s as well as Denton’s lives following the breakup of Salt N Pepa. She’s been involved together with the American Diabetes Association as a representative in the struggle against diabetes. She’s also dated basketball player Kermit Holmes.

Deidra “Dee Dee” Roper Biography

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