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Daniel Boone Biography

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Alexandre Barros Biography:

Daniel Boone was born on November 2, 1734, near Reading, Pennsylvania. In 1755, he left home on a military expedition through the French and Indian War. In 1769, Boone headed an expedition and found a trail to the far west though the Cumberland Gap. In 1775, he settled an area he called Boonesborough in Kentucky, but faced Indian opposition. On September 26, 1820, Boone expired in Femme Osage Creek, Missouri.

Daniel, the couple’s sixth child, received little formal schooling. Boone learned the best way to read and write from his mom, and his dad instructed him wilderness survival abilities. He immediately proved himself a gifted woodsman and hunter, boldly shooting his first bear when most kids his age were overly frightened. At age 15, Boone moved together with his family to Rowan County, North Carolina, on the Yadkin River, where he began his own hunting company.

In 1755, Boone left house on a military expedition which was part of the French and Indian War. He served as a wagoner for Brigadier General Edward Braddock during his military’s calamitous defeat at Turtle Creek, near modern day Pittsburgh. A proficient survivor, Daniel Boone saved his own life by avoiding the French and Indian ambush on horseback. In August 1756, Boone wed Rebecca Bryan, as well as the couple set up positions in the Yadkin Valley. Over a 24-year span, the couple would have 10 kids together. Initially Boone discovered himself content with what he described as the perfect components to your happy life: “A great firearm, a great horse and a great wife.”

In 1767, Daniel Boone led his own expedition for the very first time. The hunting excursion across the Big Sandy River in Kentucky worked its way westward as far as Floyd County. Under Boone’s direction, the team of explorers found a trail to the far west though the Cumberland Gap. The trail would end up being the resources through which the people would reach the frontier.

Boone took his discovery a step farther in April 1775. While working for Richard Henderson’s Transylvania Company, he directed colonists to a place in Kentucky he named Boonesborough, where he set up garrison to claim the settlement in the Indians. Local Shawnee and Cherokee tribes encountered Boone’s settlement of the Kentucky property with opposition. In July 1776, the tribes kidnapped Boone’s daughter Jemima. Fortunately, he could release his daughter.

He managed to escape and restart shielding his property settlement, but was shortly robbed of Boonesborough settlers’ cash while on his way to purchase property licenses. The settlers were angry with Boone and demanded he repay his debt to them; some even sued. By 1788, Boone left the Kentucky settlement he’d worked so difficult to shield and relocated to Point Pleasant, in what is now West Virginia.

On September 26, 1820, Daniel Boone died of natural causes at his house in Femme Osage Creek, Missouri. He was 85 years old. More than two decades after his passing, his body was exhumed and reburied in Kentucky. Whatever the outlandish folklore surrounding his figure, Boone really existed and is still recalled as among the best woodsmen in American history.

Daniel Boone Biography

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