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Damian Marley Biography




As a teen, Damian performed against the Shepherds, but worked with his older brother Stephen on his first record, “Mr. Marley.” He is won two Grammy awards and lives in Miami, Florida.

Vocalist, songwriter, producer. Produced on July 21, 1978, in Kingston, Jamaica. Just two years old when his dad, reggae icon Bob Marley expired, Damian Marley has researched his musical origins to become of today’s most popular performers. He’s nicknamed “Jr. Gong,” which comes from his dad who was known as “Tuff Gong.”

Like several of Bob Marley’s kids, Damian was born out of wedlock and outside of Bob’s wedding to vocalist Rita Marley. Despite not being one of her own, Rita welcomed Bob’s kids from some other relationships into her house. (Bob Marley fathered eight kids as well as the three he’d with Rita.) Damian told Entertainment Weekly that Rita’s house “was like your family HQ.”

Damian Marley Biography