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Dale Evans Biography

Full nameFrances Octavia Smith
Know asDale Evans, Evans, Dale
Birth placeUvalde, Texas, U.S.
Birth date1912-10-31
Lived88 years, 3 month, 7 days
Star signScorpio
OccupationActress, singer-songwriter
Height5' 4" (1.63 m)
SpouseRoy Rogers ; children jointly

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Frances Octavia Smith Biography:

Finally, they married and became one of Hollywood’s best-beloved couples. Her husband Roy appeared together on television for decades and were recognized because of their theme song, “Happy Trails to You,” which Evans wrote.
As a chlid, Evans dreamed of stardom, but the future “Queen of the West” fought for a long time before finding acclaim. Evans eloped with her high school love, Thomas Frederick Fox, when she was 14 years old. The union did not survive, and Evans ended up as a single mother of son Tom the subsequent year. Evans got her start singing on the radio in Memphis, Tennessee. A radio station supervisor convinced ” Evans to take Dale Evans as her professional name. Eventually moving to Chicago, Evans was employed as a vocalist for big bands there. Evans additionally performed on a nearby radio station. The talent did not get that component, but she soon got a one-year contract with 20th Century Fox.

Shifting studios, Evans went to Republic and appeared in her first western movie, In Old Oklahoma (1943) (the picture was later retitled The War of the Wildcats), opposite John Wayne. In 1944, Evans was cast in The Cowboy as well as the Seorita. Evans’ leading man because movie was Roy Rogers, the solid star of many well known Westerns who’d become known as the “King of the Cowboys.”

The Cowboy as well as the Seorita proved to be the beginning of one of Hollywood’s most well-known on screen couples. Evans joined Rogers and his famed horse, Trigger, for The Yellow Rose of Texas (1944). The pair continued to work collectively, costarring in a total of 28 pictures, such as the 1946 productions My Pal Trigger, Rainbow Over Texas and Roll on Texas Moon. Besides playing, Evans composed and performed tunes for a number of her jobs with Rogers.

Evans and Rogers additionally became inseparable away-screen too. The next year, Rogers’ wife Arline expired after the arrival of their third kid (their second biological child), Roy Jr. Evans, and Rogers and Evans shortly fell in love and were wed in December 1947.

The “King of the Cowboys” and the “Queen of the West” enjoyed great popularity on the big screen. The “Queen also had a hit television series,The Roy Rogers Show, which continued from 1951 to 1957. The Western show normally closed using the couple’s theme song, “Happy Trails to You,” which Evans wrote.

The couple opened up a museum to talk about their assortment of memorabilia in the late 1960s. The Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum, initially in Victorville, California, was moved to Branson, Missouri, in 2003. After over 40 years in operation, the museum shut its doors in 2009. When the couple married Rogers, Evans found herself having a brand new, bigger family.

Evans compiled an impressive portfolio of songwriting credits, for example, top-selling single “Aha, San Antone.” Evans additionally made 30 children’s records, most notably Happy Birthday, Gentle Savior, which featured her own tunes. Profoundly devoted to Evans’ Christian faith, Evans also composed the 1955 gospel tune “The Bible Tells Me So,” which remains popular now.

Sharing Evans’ life experiences in addition to her religious beliefs, Evans composed numerous publications over time. ” Evans told the story of her precious daughter Robin in 1953’s Angel Unaware, a book that is republished many times over time. Evans also provided guidance to others, in the really youthful in Cool It or Lose It (1972) to the senior set in Grandparents Can (1983). In 1994, Evans and Rogers released Happy Trails: Our Life Story, a memoir of the years together.

Evans lost her husband Roy Rogers in 1998. He was 86 years old, and his departure meant the ending of among the very most popular relationships in pop culture. Evans one fought with health problems. Evans endured a heart attack in 1992 along with a stroke in 1996, but she stayed active. In 1996, Evans started hosting her very own show, A Date With Dale, on the religiously oriented Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Reflecting on Evans’ later life, Evans released the autobiography Rainbow on a Hard Trail in 1999. On February 7, 2001, Evans died at her house in Apple Valley, California, in age 88. Evans was laid to rest alongside her late husband in the neighborhood graveyard.

Evans and her husband have stayed part of the national culture, living on as icons of the western movies they helped make popular. They however have a loyal fan base, and Evans’ stepson, Roy “Dusty” Rogers Jr., continues to perform Evans’s tunes and other western classics. And in 2012, the town of Apple Valley held a two-day party to mark the centennial anniversary of the well-known western star’s arrival. Family members greeted supporters and tours were given of the Rogers former home within this special occasion.

Dale Evans Biography

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