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Curly Lambeau Biography




Among the age’s most advanced trainers, he popularized the employment of the forward pass and won six National Football League tournaments together with the Packers. Earl Louis Lambeau was born on April 9, 1898, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Named captain of the Green Bay East High School football team as a senior in 1917, he went to play for legendary coach Knute Rockne in the University of Notre Dame. Nevertheless, he got a severe case of tonsillitis and was made to go back home before his sophomore year. On August 11, 1919, Lambeau and Calhoun met with future players in the editorial room of the Press Gazette. Following a conversation with Indian Packing Company executive Frank Peck, who consented to supply support cash in exchange for use of the company name, the Green Bay Packers were born.

The Packers joined the American Professional Football Association in 1921, but the franchise was forfeited following the team illegally used school players. The next year, Turnbull convinced local businessmen to purchase stock and turn the Packers right into a non-profit organization.

The team’s financial troubles solved, Lambeau could turn his focus on the gridiron as a player coach. He was a competent halfback at 5’10”, 187 pounds, however he stood out as among the age’s progressive thoughts. Embracing Rockne’s use of the forward pass, Lambeau established the Packers into an offensive juggernaut along with his elaborate schemes. He won his first of three straight NFL championships in 1929, his this past year as an active player, and added titles in 1936, ’39 and ’44.

Lambeau created a number of practices and procedures that will become common within the NFL. He popularized the creation of summer training camps and film study sessions, and his was the very first team to travel via plane. Lambeau was likewise the first to develop another training facility because of his team, but his choice to spend $50,000 on the Rockwood Lodge for that goal in 1946 caused a rift within direction, and led to his departure from the Packers after the 1949 season.

Lambeau spent two years training the Chicago Cardinals and two more with the Washington Redskins before declaring his retirement following the 1955 season. Three months after, the Packers switched their arena name to Lambeau Field, and today a statue of the legendary trainer and innovator stands on its grounds, observing within the team he founded and brought to visibility.

Curly Lambeau Biography

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