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Craig Ferguson Biography

Craig Ferguson was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on May 17, 1962. In his 20s, he took up performing and before long turned his focus toward a comedy profession. After bouncing back and forth between stints in The United States as well as the UK, Ferguson eventually put down roots in Hollywood in the mid-1990s. It turned out to be a long-running character on The Drew Carey Show that gave him the exposure he needed to take his career to another level, as well as in 2005 Ferguson was given hosting responsibilities on theThe Late Late Show. He’ll leave the seriesat the end of 2014.

Boyd spoke Ferguson into giving performing a shot, which Ferguson shortly did, discovering the humor prong of the artwork too compelling to dismiss.

Ferguson shortly created an horrific—and successful—stage character called Bing Hitler. In addition to the area success he was experiencing, Ferguson used the experience as a backdrop from which to go into mainstream playing parts.

Craig Ferguson’s first TV appearance came on an episode of the sci fi sitcomRed Dwarf in 1988, also it was sufficient to get Ferguson to head abroad to America for his first part on American TV. The pilot was not picked up, however, and Ferguson headed back to Scotland.

After back in great britain, Ferguson discovered that parts arrived sporadically before he got his own BBC show: The Ferguson Theory (1994). While the sketch comedy show set the funnyman front and centre, it merely lasted five episodes.

But this time he had find far more success waiting for him than he did years before.

When Ferguson joined The Drew Carey Show as Nigel Wick in 1996, his run continued several seasons and led to the performer becoming a known amount on earth of U.S. television.

Ferguson’s active life on TV as well as the big screen got a lot more active in January 2005, when he took over the late night comedy seriesThe Late Late Show. Once it found its terms, Ferguson’s show was another success, earning its first Emmy nomination annually into its run. Mixed in along with his work on the show were several high profile big screen characters, frequently voiceover work, in films likeHow to Train Your Dragon (2010), Winnie the Pooh (2011) and Brave (2012).

Ferguson, who became an American citizen in 2008, can also be an author, printing Between the Bridge and the River (a novel; 2006) and American on Goal (a memoir; 2009).

In April 2014, Ferguson declared that by the end of the year he’d leave The Late Late Show. His last appearance on the show came in December. While he may be from the late night scene, Ferguson continues to be investigating other opportunities.

His second marriage was to Sascha Corwin, with whom he’s a son, Milo. In 2008, he wed Megan Wallace-Cunningham.

Craig Ferguson Biography

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