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Clarence Heatley Biography

Clarence Heatley and his “Preacher Crew” sold drugs, extorted, kidnapped and even killed to acquire notoriety on the roads of the Bronx and Harlem boroughs of Nyc. Heatley’s top lieutenant was a former home policeman named John Cuff. Both Heatley and Cuff confessed their offenses in plea deals to avert the death penalty. Heatley is serving his time at Florida’s United States Penitentiary, Coleman.

Heatley’s top lieutenant was a former home policeman named John Cuff. His team comprised “janitors,” whose job was to clean up the mess following the Preacher Crew’s casualties were tortured and killed. Based on authorities, the drug ring operated from apartment buildings in the Bronx. It had been rumored—and reported by several media outlet—that the Preacher Crew once kidnapped vocalist Bobby Brown—ex husband of famous pop vocalist, the late Whitney Houston—and held him for ransom over a drug debt. Not long after, both Heatley and Cuff entered into plea deals so that you can prevent the death penalty.

Based on The New York Times, in explanation of Heatley’s plea bargain, Joel S. Cohen, one of Heatley’s lawyers, said, ”There did not appear to be any upside to going to trial, if we could be sure that he’d prevent execution by pleading guilty.” Cohen included that Heatley needed to spare his family ”from needing to experience his execution, and he also wished to strive to be an optimistic presence in the lives of his kids.”

In accordance with authorities, Heatley admitted during his plea bargaining he had made an amazing income from his drug dealing, which mainly included the sale of cocaine and crack cocaine from 1990 to ’96. Heatley is serving his term in the United States Penitentiary, Coleman, in Florida, a high-security federal penitentiary.

Clarence Heatley Biography

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