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Christian Slater Biography

Christian Slater – Complete Episode (TV14; 45:16) After making a remarkable impression on audiences in the cult hit Heathers Christian Slater seemed to be on his way to major stardom. Nevertheless, a number of run ins with the law significantly reduced his career momentum.
Produced on August 18, 1969, in Nyc, Christian Slater got his first acting job as a kid on the soap opera One Life to Live. In 1985, he made his movie debut in the age of 15. During the 1980s, Christian Slater emerged as among film’s leading young performers. He also became somewhat infamous for his life off-screen too. He’s since appeared in several popular movies.

During the 1980s, Christian Slater emerged as among film’s leading young performers. He also became somewhat infamous for his life off-screen. The son of an actor as well as a casting director, Slater got his first acting job as a kid, appearing on the soap opera One Life to Live.

Several more stage characters shortly followed in such musical productions as Copperfield (1981) and Merlin (1983). In 1985, he made his movie debut in The Legend of Billy Jean in the age of 15. Slater shortly found himself earning powerful marks for his supporting role opposite seasoned performer Sean Connery in 1986’s historical thriller The Name of the Rose of some homicides in a monastery.

He played a rebellious teenager who romances Ryder’s character and sabotages their high school’s social hierarchy—controlled by several girls named Heather—through evil means. In this part, Slater drew comparisons to Jack Nicholson from some critics.

Away display, Slater got in trouble with all the law that December. He was detained for drunk driving after directing the cops on a high speed pursuit, which ended when he crashed his car into two telephone poles. It had been his second arrest with this violation, and Slater was later sentenced to 10 days in jail.

He earned favorable reviews for his performance, and his growing female fan base helped foster the movie’s success in the box office.

Playing a youthful variant of infamous crime boss Lucky Luciano, Slater starred in Mobsters (1991) with Richard Grieco and Patrick Dempsey, which got mixed reviews. He went on into a supporting character in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991), starring Kevin Costner as the infamous rebel. The movie proved to be an additional critical and box office dud for Slater.

A longtime Star Trek fanatic, Slater was pleased to really have a modest part in 1991’s Star Trek IV: The Undiscovered Country (1991). His profession as a leading man got a boost from his offbeat character in the romantic dramedy Untamed Heart (1993) opposite Marisa Tomei. In the hit movie, he played a reclusive, shy busboy who becomes involved using a server after saving her from a sexual assault. Both Slater and Tomei earned raves for his or her portrayal of an uncommon pair in love.

In another leading character, Slater played a funny bookstore clerk who weds a hooker (Patricia Arquette) in True Romance (1993). This uncommon story was written by Quentin Tarantino.

Slater had a supporting part in the much-discussed play Interview using a Vampire (1994) based on Anne Rice’s bestselling novel. In the movie, he played a journalist who reaches talk to a 200-year old vampire (played by Brad Pitt). In December 1994, he was detained in a Brand New York airport after attempting to board a plane carrying a 9-millimeter pistol.

Reviewer Robert Ebert noted that Slater had ability, however he was too young for the part and “not assured enough” to give the more subtle performance needed in the movie. His intimate pairing with Mary Stuart Masterson in Bed of Roses (1996) also did not impress the critics.

Slater moved to the action thriller Broken Arrow (1996), which likewise starred John Travolta. The two played stealth bomber pilots and friends who end up opponents after Travolta becomes a traitor and snitches some weapons. Going behind the camera, Slater made his directorial debut with all the movie Museum of Love (1996).

It wasn’t long before his private life started to overshadow his work. In August 1997, Slater was arrested at his flat after striking his then-girlfriend and biting the guy who attempted to stop him. He even got into a scuffle with all the police officers in the scene. For a number of days prior to the event, Slater had been on a drug and booze binge.

After sentenced to three months in jail, Slater served his time in the La Verne Public Safety Facility. Along with his jail term, he was likewise necessary to attend a drug rehabilitation program and was put on probation.

Slater shortly appeared in a number of movies, such as the critically panned Hard Rain (1998) as well as the bachelor party turned very incorrect play Very Bad Things (1998).

After love affairs with celebrities Wynona Rider and Samantha Mathis and model Christy Turlington, Slater eventually settled down in 2000. The couple had two kids together—a son named Jaden and a daughter named Eliana—before splitting in 2005.

Lately, Slater has taken his career in a fresh course. He stars his first primetime show, My Own Worst Enemy, playing a secret agent having a split personality. “There is not a human being on earth that at some point or another has not been their own worst foe, and this actually takes it to a fantastic extreme,” Slater told Entertainment Weekly.

Christian Slater Biography

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