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Chris Kelly Biography

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Chris Kelly Biography:

After being found in 1990, Kelly and his buddy, Chris Smith, became the rap duo Kris Kross. The duet became known for wearing their clothes back and for their popular 1992 tune, “Jump.” Kelly was just 34 years old when he died on May 1, 2013, in Atlanta. The cause of death was supposed to be a drug overdose.

In 1990, producer Jermaine Dupri found Kelly and his buddy, Chris Smith, in Atlanta’s Greenbriar Mall. Although Dupri was still a teen himself, he saw something in the youthful duet and wished to work together. With Dupri, Kelly and Smith made a demo tape that led to them signing with Ruffhouse Records.

Kris Kross supporters also started to duplicate the duo’s style of wearing their clothes back.

In addition they released a video game, Kris Kross: Make My Video, as well as recorded the “Rugrats Rap” for Nickelodeon’s Rugrats. But as Kelly and Smith got old, they attempted to toughen their picture on following records. Though they released two moderately successful albums, the duo would never again release a tune as popular as “Jump.” They parted ways after releasing their 1996 record, Young, Wealthy and Dangerous.

Chris Kelly continued to be engaged with music after leaving Kris Kross, including attending school to understand to be a studio engineer. In 2009, pictures appeared that revealed Kelly with several bare spots. To dispel rumors that he’d cancer, Kelly declared that he was suffering from alopecia.

On May 1, 2013, an unresponsive Chris Kelly was found in his Atlanta residence. Kelly was taken to an Atlanta hospital, where he was pronounced dead that day. He was 34 years old. The reason for his departure was supposed to be a drug overdose.

After Kelly’s death, friends, family and supporters poured out their support for him. Jermaine Dupri declared that he’d considered Kelly a son, and rapper LL Cool J tweeted that he would dedicate his tune “Jump On It” to Kelly. Also, numerous supporters stated that they’d wear their clothing back so that you can honor the late rapper. Though he died in a young age, Kelly left behind a musical heritage that lots of performers would envy.

Chris Kelly Biography

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