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Charles X Biography

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Jean-Charles Xaspar Biography:

Charles X was born Charles Philippe on October 9, 1757, in the Palace of Versailles. Charles lost much of his family throughout the French Revolution. He perished in Gorizia on November 6, 1836. Charles X of France was born Charles Philippe on October 9, 1757, in the Palace of Versailles. He was the youngest son of the Dauphin Louis as well as the Dauphine Marie Josphe (Maria Josepha of Saxony). During the time of his arrival, Charles received the title of Count of Artois from his grandfather, King Louis XV. Initially far in the throne, Charles drew closer following the departure of his oldest brother, Louis Joseph Xavier, Duke of Burgundy, in 1761. Another brother, Louis Auguste, claimed the throne following the death of King Louis XV in 1774.

Charles married Marie Thrse of Savoy in 1773. In 1775, she gave birth to a son, Louis Antoine the first member of the next generation of Bourbons. Considered to be the most attractive of the young royals, Charles had many issues. His close friendship along with his sister in law, Marie Antoinette, started rumors of an improper relationship. Both lived lavishly, racking up enormous debts.

Charles’s political awakening began in 1786, when an indebted France fought to implement financial reform. He opposed any decrease in the societal privileges enjoyed by the nobility and supported a strategy to depose Jacques Necker, the liberal minister of finance. This activity triggered the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789. Three days after, Charles was made to flee the united states. The king and queen were sentenced to death in 1793, as well as the dauphin died in captivity two years after. Even though the newest king adopted a liberal constitution, Charles stayed staunchly conservative.

In the initial month or two of his reign, Charles’s government passed some laws that strengthened the power of the nobility and clergy. Charles’s authorities tried to reestablish man primogeniture and successfully expanded France’s imperial power by beating Algeria.

Charles was already unpopular when he broken up much of the authorities in 1830. When elections held in June of this year failed to generate outcomes that favored his policies, Charles and his ministers suspended the constitution. In addition they took actions to stifle the press and blow off the parliament. Mad mobs started to form in the streets of Paris. In August, Charles X abdicated in favor of his youthful grandson Henry, Duke of Bordeaux. Dreading physical injury, Charles X and his family fled France and settled in England. The Bourbons moved to Prague in the winter of 1832, living at the Hradschin Palace in the invitation of Emperor Francis I of Austria.

Charles X Biography

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