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Charles Whitman Biography

Full nameCharles Joseph Whitman
Know asCharles Whitman, Whitman, Charles
Birth placeLake Worth, Florida, U.S.
Birth date1941-06-24
Lived25 years, 1 month, 7 days
Star signCancer
OccupationEngineering student
Height6' (1.83 m)
SpouseKathy Leissner
ParentsMargaret Whitman, Charles Adolphus "C.A." Whitman, Jr., Charles Adolphus "C. A." Whitman, Jr.

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Charles Joseph Whitman Biography:

Suffering from mental illness and severe fits of rage, Whitman killed his mom and wife and on August 1, 1966, went atop a 300-foot tower, targeting individuals in the locality. He’d kill 16 and injure many others before he was killed by cops, who stormed the tower.(They married in 1962.)

After called back to active service due to poor academic performance, Whitman returned to the Marine Corps in 1963. In December 1964, he was dispatched. By 1966, he was suffering from acute head aches and consulted a therapist in the university to discuss issues he had over his mental health. The physician urged Whitman attend another session the next week, however he never returned.

Additionally in 1966, his mom eventually left his dad after enduring years of abuse. This move would prove critical for her. Sometime on the evening of July 31, Whitman went to his mom’s house and stabbed and shot her. In a word left along with her body, Whitman clarified he was “really sorry that this is the only real method I really could see to alleviate her sufferings but I do believe it was greatest.” After killing his mom, Whitman went home. He typed a word before her departure, saying that he would kill her. He explained that “I adore her sincerely. . . . I cannot rationally nail any particular reason behind carrying this out.” He believed it might have been his own selfishness or his need to spare her from facing humiliation over his activities.

On August 1, 1966, Whitman, in addition to a variety of weapons and equipment kept in a luggage compartment, entered the University of Texas tower, wearing overalls. He headed up to the observation deck, killing a secretary and two others on the way. Once he reached the deck, he started firing in individuals below. The rampage continued less than two hours with all the deaths and injuries occurring in the very first 15 to 20 minutes.

A trained sniper, Whitman shot nearly all of his casualties near or in one’s heart. In among his writings, Whitman said he needed his brain analyzed after his departure to test for signals of physical reason for mental illness. His request was granted in the type of a police autopsy, which revealed he had a brain tumor. But medical experts differed over whether it had any effect on Whitman’s activities.

Charles Whitman Biography


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