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Ed Gein Biography

Serial killer Ed Gein was obsessively dedicated to his mom, a religious fanatic. After her departure, Gein started robbing graves—keeping body parts as prizes, practicing necrophilia, and experimenting with human taxidermy. Then he turned to homicide, killing at least two girls in 1957. The son of a fearful alcoholic dad ...

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Bob Fosse Biography

Bob Fosse – Yet, behind the scenes, he was a tortured, addictive expert who’d a dismal fascination with death. A trained dancer, Fosse attained success as a choreographer and director of stage and screen musicals. He set records with Tony and Academy Awards won for his work, including Pippin, Cabaret ...

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Hafez al-Assad Biography

Produced in the hamlet ofQardaha inSyria on October 6, 1930, Hafez al-Assad became president of the united states in 1971, after participating in multiple coups. Though broadly criticized for savage strategies (most notably the 1982 Hama massacre), he’s also commended for bringing equilibrium to Syria, and for enhancing relations between ...

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