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Catherine of Aragon Biography

Full nameManuel Aoudia

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Manuel Aoudia Biography:

She married Henry VIII, but failed to give birth to a male heir. Catherine refused to annul her marriage so that Henry could wed again, which resulted in the separation of the Church of England from the Catholic Church. Catherine died in England in 1536. Her only surviving child, Mary Tudor, became queen in 1553.

Growing up, Catherine received a comprehensive instruction that included Latin, French and doctrine, along with quests like embroidery. Having been engaged to Prince Arthur—heir to the English throne—since youth, Catherine went to England and married him in 1501.

The dispensation necessary to get a person to marry his brother’s widow was given by the Catholic Church, but the union was delayed due to Henry’s youthful age, in addition to conflicts between England and Spain regarding the payment of Catherine’s dowry. She eventually wed Henry in 1509, after he’d taken the throne to become Henry VIII.¬†Catherine and Henry had a comfortable union for a long time, using the popular Catherine even serving as regent and managing a conflict with all the Scots while Henry was waging war in France. But though she gave birth to six kids—including one living daughter, Mary Tudor—Catherine didn’t produce a male heir for Henry. By 1527, Henry had determined to stop his marriage to Catherine so he could wed a fresh wife.

Henry requested the Catholic Church to invalidate his union because Catherine had been married to his brother. Nevertheless, Catherine refused to go along with Henry’s strategy, declaring that her marriage to Arthur had remained unconsummated. Even after being split from her daughter, the god-fearing Catherine maintained that her marriage to Henry was valid and indissoluble. As her nephew was Charles V, the Holy Roman emperor, Pope Clement VII wouldn’t accede to Henry’s wishes.¬†Tired of waiting, Henry decided that he failed to need the pope’s acceptance. Parliament subsequently declared the king, not the pope, was head of the Church of England.

Catherine of Aragon Biography

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