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Carmine “The Snake” Persico Biography

Persico started his rise to the very best on the hardscrabble streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn. He “made his bones” as among the alleged hitmen on the other side of the barbershop homicide of infamous Albert Anastasia. Persico grew to prominence in the Colombo family as internal war slowly brought its leaders down. Persico became head of the household in the late-1970s. He is held onto power since, despite his 1987 incarceration after the watershed Mafia Commission Trial. While much of the area fought through the Great Depression, Persico’s dad had a position as a legal stenographer, bringing how a constant pay check. Nevertheless, Persico still idolized the guys with wads of money and pretty girls on their arms the Mafioso.

Persico joined an area street gang, the Garfield Boys. Though a little, wiry teen, Persico was ferocious, even killing an associate of a rival gang along with his bare hands in a street brawl. This captured the attention of local mobster “Frankie Shots” Abbatemarco, an associate of the Profaci crime family.

While in the numbers process, Carmine Persico met a threesome of kindred spirits called the Gallo Brothers—Albert, Larry and “Crazy Joey,” youthful associates looking become full fledged members of the Profaci family. Joey and Carmine got their opportunity with all the homicide of legendary crime boss Albert Anastasia (which was really carried out by Joey Gallo).

Not long after Anastasia’s murder, the family developed bellicose, as boss Joe Profaci was believed to be taking an excessive amount of cash from his underlings. The Gallos and Persico—understood by this time as “The Snake”—planned a revolt. Nevertheless, Persico betrayed the Gallos when Profaci offered more cash. A bloody family war started, with Persico being targeted multiple times. The war finished in Persico’s favor: with Crazy Joey Gallo in penitentiary, Profaci dead from cancer and Persico a recently crowned Capo in the family.

As the 1970s started, Carmine “The Snake” Persico was pulling in buckets of money. He was able to prevent another round of violence, as new manager Joseph Colombo was shot and get right into a coma. Persico was subsequently voted new leader of the family. Persico place a hit out on Joey Gallo, who had been killed while celebrating his 43rd birthday.

Persico came from prison as leader of the family, however he ran into trouble a number of years after with the watershed Mafia Commission Trial. The recently recognized mob leader attempted acting as his own attorney, but was finally unable to escape the authorities: In January 1987, Persico was sentenced to 100 years in prison—a virtual death sentence.

Even from prison, Carmine Persico attempted to preserve his control of the family and give the reign of power over to his son, Alphonse. A rival faction headed by Vic Orena vied for power, causing another savage mob war to ensue. Dreading an increasing risk that mobster William “Wild Bill” Cutolo might try to wrest control of the Colombo family from the Persicos, Carmine Persico made a decision to get rid of the potential nominee, and “Wild Bill” Cutolo was killed in Brooklyn on May 26, 1999. Carmine Persico still stands as head of the Colombo family, but itis a family in tatters.

Carmine “The Snake” Persico Biography

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