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Carl C. Icahn Biography




Carl dropped out of medical school to work with Wall Street. In 1968, he created Icahn & Co, his own brokerage firm. A corporate “raider” in the 1980s, he made his fortune by purchasing stocks and “greenmailing” big corporations. Financier, entrepreneur, and airline executive, Carl Icahn was born onFebruary 16, 1936in Queens, ny. Among the very infamous corporate “raiders” of the 1980s, he enriched himself and his associates by his takeovers, and in once (so his defenders asserted), making money for common stockholders. Himself additionally participated in what was called “greenmail”: threatening to take over corporations including Marshall Field and Phillips Petroleum, he’d sell his stocks in the finish and walk off having a sizeable gain. In 1985 himself purchased Transworld Airlines (TWA), so when its chief executive officer, brought it back from near insolvency, but in 1992, despite slumping $100 million of his own money into it, he was compelled to relinquish control of TWA to its workers.

Carl C. Icahn Biography