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Brooke Astor Biography




They divorced in 1930, and two years afterwards, Astor married Charles H. Marshall. Throughout the length of the marriage, she worked as an editor at House and Garden magazine. Marshall died in 1952. Astor wed her third husband, Vincent Astor, in 1953. After Vincent’s departure in 1959, she ran the Vincent Astor Foundation, which gave away about $195 million before it was shut. For her philanthropy, Astor received many prizes and honours, such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She died in Ny in 2007.

Brooke Astor was produced Roberta Brooke Russell on March 30, 1902, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She wed for the very first time when she was just a teen. The couple divorced in 1930.Astor do better in her second union. Astor afterwards described her marriage to Marshall as “a love match,” and they were greatly committed to every other. Throughout the course of the marriage, her son Anthony took the name of his stepfather, becoming Anthony Dryden Marshall. Charles Marshall died in 1952.

Brooke Astor Biography