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Bobby Joe Long Biography

Tampa Bay serial killer Bobby Joe Long, produced in West Virginia in October 1953, admitted to perpetrating 10 homicides and much more than 50 rapes and 10 homicides. For a long time, he along with his mom, a bartender, had a peculiar relationship, which contained sharing a bed until Long was 13. Long committed several rapes through the use of newspaper ads to seek out casualties. Long was detained in November 1984, and is serving multiple life prison sentences. He received two death sentences, but his execution was delayed by several appeals. He continues on Florida’s death row. Long and his mom shared a bed until he was 13 years old. Long started to develop hate for girls in a young age, beginning along with his mom. Louella Long, who worked in a pub, frequently wore racy clothes to work and brought distinct guys house along with her.

In 1959, Bobby Joe neglected the first grade. He completed the subsequent year, and not long after, was involved with a significant injury: He was hit with a vehicle, knocked unconscious and hospitalized. Less than a year after, he was involved with a curiously similar event: He ran right into a road and was hit with a moving automobile, enduring an irrepairable jaw harm. In the mid-1960s, Long met his future wife, Cynthia Bartlett (afterwards known as Cindy Levy). One year after, while still dating Bartlett, Long was accused of rape, but escaped criminal charges due to too little signs. He and Bartlett wed in January 1974, and from the conclusion of these year, they’d become the parents of two kids, a son and daughter.

Becoming parents earlier than intended place pressure on the newlyweds, as well as their relationship shortly became explosive. Also, around this same time, Long was involved with a serious bike accident: He was hit with a vehicle while riding his bike, and was later hospitalized for a number of weeks. Cynthia afterwards asserted that Long’s character transformed after the injury; while he was constantly short tempered, he became physically violent with her impatient using their kids, she said. Long had also grown a curiously obvious, compulsive and frequently dangerous sex drive offense analyzers would after credit his violent nature to a sexual compulsion, labeling him as a sexual sadist. In the autumn of 1983, Long was found guilty of assault against Richards. Around the exact same time, he was found guilty of sending an improper, sex-infused letter and pictures to a 12-year old Florida girl, receiving a brief jail term and probation. In a retrial, Long was acquitted of assault charges in the Richards case.

Creating a criminal jump in early 1984, Long perpetrated what’s considered to be his first premeditated rape. Getting a newspaper advertisement in regards to a property on the market in New Port Richey, Florida, he secured brutal strategies and traveled to the house. Equipped using a firearm, he did not wait long to carry out his plans when he arrived at the house: He immediately pulled his gun and raped the female homeowner. Long continued to perpetrate sexual offenses by looking for “For Sale” signs on houses and going through classified ads for furniture, houses as well as other household things. According to authorities, Long perpetrated more than 50 rapes in those times, before going to blacker offenses.

From the spring of 1984, Long had made another criminal hop: He committed his first murder. He’d continue a killing spree for another eight months, supposedly inspired by his fixation with sex and long-held anger toward girls. Initially only looking to meet his sexual demands, Long picked up a young hooker named Artis Wick in March 1984. After attacking and raping Wick, he determined that he was not content with his offenses, so he strangled and killed her. Rather than taking her to the pub, yet, Long pulled his car off the street not far in the tavern, and pulled out a knife. When Lana started yelling and trying to struggle Long, tied her up and drove to some road further away. Then he pulled her from the vehicle, raped and strangled her.

Long’s next casualty was Michelle Simms, a 22-year old hooker who’d apparently been fighting drug addiction. Detectives associated Simms’s homicide to Lana Long’s when the same stuff—reddish trilobal nylon carpet fiber—was located on each casualty. Loudenback’s body was badly decomposed when detectives discovered her; she was lying on her back, completely clothed. According to authorities, Loudenback was distinct from Long’s other casualties: She wasn’t a drug user, prostitute or stripper, but had been on a walk beyond her home when Long seen her. Long would later confess to raping and strangling Loudenback, on whom authorities also discovered reddish trilobal nylon carpet fiber. Long’s fifth victim, a young hooker named Chanel Williams, was walking along a Tampa street when Long picked her up. After raping and trying to strangle Williams, Long pulled out his firearm and shot her in the head.

It absolutely was McVey’s testimony that could eventually lead police to Long.

Only days after McVey’s police report, researchers found Virginia Johnson’s body. Days after, Kim Swann’s body was discovered. McVey supplied authorities using a short description of Long’s automobile. Authorities were subsequently in a position to spot the car and its particular owner, and get search warrants for Long’s residence and vehicle. Long was detained in November 1984, while seeing a film in a movie theater not far from his Tampa home. Upon seeking Long’s residence, detectives were eventually in a position to recognize the mysterious red nylon fibers they’d discovered on a great number of sufferers’ bodies: Reddish carpeting lined the stairs of Long’s flat, which, following laboratory testing, was identified as an ideal match. After Long was in detention, another body was located: Vicky Elliot, investigators discovered, was raped and strangled. Reddish fibers were also located on Elliot’s clothes.

Several months afterwards, Long pleaded guilty to eight Hillsborough County homicides (Artis Wick’s body was not located until several days after Long’s arrest, and because Long hadn’t pleaded guilty to killing Wick until long after submitting his first confession, he was never officially charged with her murder). Long was convicted of one other eight homicides in Hillsborough County, among various other charges. While Long admitted to perpetrating 10 homicides, he alluded to the probability of others during police interviews. Long is now serving multiple life prison sentences. Though he also got two death sentences, his execution was delayed by several appeals in the last few years. He continues on Florida’s death row.

Bobby Joe Long Biography

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