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Bobby Darin Biography

Full nameWalden Robert Cassotto
Know asBobby Darin, Darin, Bobby
Birth placeEast Harlem, New York City
Birth date1936-05-14
Lived37 years, 7 month, 6 days
Star signTaurus
OccupationMusician, singer-songwriter, actor
Height5' 8½" (1.74 m)
SpouseSandra Dee; (divorced); child
ChildrenDodd Darin

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Walden Robert Cassotto Biography:

Bobby Darin – Splish Splash Vocalist (TV14; 1:12) View a brief video about Bobby Darin and find out what terrible historical event sent this vocalist into seclusion.
In 1958, “Splish Splash,” a novelty song he composed comparatively rapidly, became an international hit. Then he recorded mature-oriented tracks, reaching it big with “Mack the Knife” and earning two Grammys.

Produced on May 14, 1936, in the Bronx, ny, entertainer Bobby Darin reached the peaks of popularity in his all too brief life. Entertainer Bobby grew up poor in nyc. Sam Cassotto had been an associate of crime boss Frank Costello and had perished in Sing Sing Penitentiary. Polly, a former vaudeville performer, encouraged youthful Bobby to be a star like Frank Sinatra.

The truth is, Darin was really the Cassottos’ grandson. His actual mom was Nina Cassotto, the girl he grew up considering was his sister. Nina had gotten pregnant as an unwed teen, and she and Polly determined it would be if Polly to assume the function of mom. While he afterwards learned the truth about his mom, Darin never found who his father actually was.

Darin was a skinny, sickly child. Several spells of rheumatic fever had permanently damaged his heart, and he was blighted by other health conditions too. Round age 6 or 7, Darin overheard a physician’s gloomy prediction for him. A doctor said he did not expect Darin to live past the age of 16. As an alternative to depress the doctor, these words appeared to function as an inspiration for Darin.

Well versed in a number of instruments, Darin started out as playing in a group in high school. Among his first shows was a school dance. At 16, young Bobby along with his band mates got work at a Catskills resort for summer time. Darin demonstrated a talent not only for music but humor also. Darin started his professional music career composing tunes for the Aldon Music label and finally got his own record contract with Atco.

In 1958, Darin made it large with all the lighthearted catchy rock melody “Splish Splash”—a song he composed that reached the Top 5 of the pop charts. Bobby Darin immediately became among the teen idols of the age with such tunes as “Queen of the Hop.” Darin, nevertheless, proved himself to be over another Dion or Frankie Avalon. Darin additionally won a Grammy for best new artist.

Darin continued to have great popularity in the early 1960s. Darin and Dee were a celeb couple off-screen at the same time, having eloped together the previous year.

Attempting his own hand in a musical, he starred with Pat Boone and Ann Margret in State Fair (1962). Darin went to earn an Academy Award nomination because of his work in 1963’sCaptain Newman, M.D..

Around now, Darin additionally established himself as among the most notable performances in vegas. Bobby Darin became a favorite crooner, not unlike his hero Frank Sinatra. Yet Darin drew inspiration from a more extensive musical history and was a more restless and ambitious performer. Darin became this kind of force in vegas that he apparently even helped Wayne Newton get his career off the earth there.

A tune he composed for his wife Sandra Dee, “18 Yellow Roses,” additionally proved to be a hit with enthusiasts.

Around now, his wedding to actress Sandra Dee arrived to finish. The couple had one son named Dodd collectively before splitting up.

As music preferences were changing, Darin himself appeared to be evolving. Kennedy’s assassination that June was a dreadful setback to Darin. Around now, Kennedy started his own label Direction Records and continued to investigate his curiosity about folk music and protest songs.

His later attempts did not bring much of an audience, however he still stayed popular along with his live act in vegas. Darin’s heart troubles eventually trapped with him. On December 20, 1973, himself died of heart failure in Hollywood, California. Darin was just 37 years old at that time. Himself was survived by his second wife Andrea Joy Yeager, whom he’d married the last year, and his son Dodd.

While himself may be gone, Darin’s music still lives on. His tunes have appeared on numerous movie and television soundtracks, including Goodfellas, American Beauty and The Sopranos. Spacey starred and directed the job and served as its co-writer too.

Bobby Darin Biography

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