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Bernie Nolan Biography

Full nameBernadette Therese Nolan
Know asBernadette Nolan, Nolan, Bernadette
Birth placeDublin, Ireland
Birth date1960-10-17
Lived52 years, 8 month, 18 days
Star signLibra
OccupationActress, singer, entertainer
Height5' 1" (1.55 m)
SpouseSteve Doneathy
SiblingsAnne Nolan, Denise Nolan, Linda Nolan, Maureen Nolan, Tommy Nolan, Brian Nolan, Brothers:, Sisters:, Sisters:, Anne Nolan, Coleen Nolan Brothers:

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Bernadette Therese Nolan Biography:

Produced in 1960 in Dublin, Ireland, Bernie Nolan started performing at an early age; she and her siblings frequently took the stage by making use of their parents as the Singing Nolans. In the 1970s, Nolan became the lead singer of a group known as the Nolan Sisters, whose biggest hit, “I am in the Mood for Dancing,” premiered in 1980. 3 years after, Nolan started starring on The Bill. In 2010, Nolan successfully fought breast cancer. She discovered two years afterwards, nevertheless, the disease had returned. Nolan released a biography, Now and Forever, in 2013.

Produced in Dublin, Ireland, on October 17, 1960, vocalist and performer Bernadette Therese “Bernie” Nolan comes from a big family: She Is the second-youngest of eight kids. Round the age of TWO, Nolan moved along with her family to Blackpool, England. Both of her parents, Tommy and Maureen, were professional vocalists, and they believed that relocating to Blackpool would supply them with increased livelihood opportunities.

Beginning in an extremely early age, Nolan performed with her parents and sibs in local clubs and halls. According to some reports, nevertheless, family life offstage was anything but a joyful singalong. Bernie’s sister, Coleen, told the Daily Mail that their dad was physically abusive with their mom; following similar thoughts, Bernie wrote about her dad’s drinking problem and violent outbursts in her 2013 memoir, Now and Forever. The quintet have great popularity in Britain, strengthening their recognition using their numerous television appearances over time, including acting on Cliff Richards’s show.

The Nolans almost reached the very top of the record charts in 1979 with the singles group 20 Giant Hits. Their signature song, “I am in the Mood for Dancing,” was released the following year. Denise dropped from the group around this same time, with sister Coleen shortly taking her position. She’d enjoyed some success formerly with the 1984 London production of Blood Brothers and its own associated tour. She was likewise a regular guest on the children’s show On the Waterfront in the late 1980s.

In 2000, Nolan got a part on the long-running play Brookside. 3 years after, she went to the crime-drama The Bill, playing a police officer. Nolan left The Bill in 2005 and shortly returned to the theatre, appearing in a touring production of Mum’s the Word.

Nolan reunited with her sisters to get a fresh record, In the Mood Again, and tour in 2009. The next year, she received crushing news regarding her well-being: She was diagnosed with breast cancer, a disease that two of her sisters had previously fought and defeated. Nolan received treatment and could go back to her active performing schedule. Additionally in 2010, Nolan starred and was among the finalists on the British TV opposition Popstar to Operastar.

In the year 2012, Nolan learned that her cancer had returned, which it’d spread to a number of parts of her body, including her lungs and brain. After learning that she was terminally ill, Nolan spent some time creating a wish list of experiences that she needed to finish alongside her husband and teenaged daughter, Erin (produced in 1999). She also took to writing her life story, but became too sick to complete the job. Her husband later stepped in to help out, and Nolan’s novel, Now and Forever, was printed in May 2013.

Despite her gloomy analysis, Nolan has stayed astonishingly favorable about her life, telling the Daily Mail, “I attempted to approach daily as a fresh start, and think, ‘Right, what is next?’ I could not sit around thinking, ‘I am going to expire.'”

Bernie Nolan Biography

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