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Bartolome Moya Biography

Bartolome Moya, also called the “Shadow Kingpin,” and his primary enforcer, Andre Paige, directed a lethal narcotics and extortion racket in NYC before the law caught up together. Authorities would shortly find that he’d received a brand new heart on the taxpayer’s dime. Having a fresh lease on life, Moya would vanish with no hint and stir up a manhunt past the jurisdiction of America.

In the early 1990s, the South Bronx was known as among the most active heroin markets in America. Along with his chief enforcer, Andre Paige, Moya directed a lethal narcotics and extortion racket in Nyc for a number of years.

The law finally trapped with Moya and Paige in the summer of 1993. Moya was detained and charged with homicides, kidnappings along with other racketeering offenses. Three of Moya’s codefendants were sentenced to life in prison without parole. When prosecutors discovered regarding the operation, Moya was indicted and jailed once again.

In July of the exact same year, nevertheless, a 37-year old Moya, having a fresh lease on life, bound a $250,000 bond and vanished without a trace, stirring up a manhunt beyond the jurisdiction of the United States. In October 1994, federal marshals reported that Moya was detained in his native Santo Domingo, by Dominican officials, together with assistance from U.S. law enforcement. The infamous offender, who seemed to maintain good health during the time of his capture, had apparently been hiding with relatives there for three months.

Moya pleaded guilty to his involvement in drug trafficking and relevant homicides, among other charges. In 1996, he was sentenced to 25 years in penitentiary. Moya’s case is best recalled now for raising contentious, ethical issues about whether offenders facing life imprisonment should receive difficult-to-get organs, in addition to whether taxpayer dollars should to be utilized to fund such high-priced grafts.

Bartolome Moya Biography

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