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Autherine Lucy Biography

Full nameAutherine Juanita Lucy
Know asAutherine Juanita Lucy, Autherine Lucy, Lucy, Autherine
Birth date1929-10-05
Age90 years, 5 month, 26 days
OccupationEducator, professor
EducationMiles College

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Autherine Juanita Lucy Biography:

Lucy, who faced dangers from a big, out of control mob, was later barred in the school again, though she eventually earned her master’s from your association in 1992. They were taken in 1952 with standard procedures commenced until university officials recognized the two girls were African American. Upon Lucy’s as well as Myers’s coming to the admissions office, they were barred from registering.

Having already enlisted the NAACP’s support, with lawyers Arthur Shores and Thurgood Marshall the two petitioned for university admittance. Lucy afterwards became an English teacher at a Mississippi high school. In the summer of 1955, a federal judge ruled the school had to accept both girls, although association refused Myers’s entry on the grounds that she was pregnant out of wedlock. After much prayer, Lucy chose to attend by herself and, on February 1, 1956, became the very first African American student to enroll in the institution.

Receiving great support in the surrounding black community, including transport as she was not permitted to live on campus, and underground words of encouragement from a smattering of white pupils, Lucy finally confronted great risk after beginning her studies. Her family received threats via telephone and by the 3rd day of her classes Monday, February 6 a tremendous, out of control mob had appeared with fatal taunts towards Lucy. Keeping herself safe in a secured room and turning to prayer once more, she eventually needed to be spirited off campus with police protection.

The university board subsequently barred Lucy from attending on the grounds that the school was dangerous for her. Marshall and Shores subsequently issued a formal charge, including language that said the association had conspired using the aggressors. Although the claim was afterwards removed, the board used that as reasons to forever expel Lucy because she’d made “false and baseless accusations” regarding the institution.

Lucy continued with civil rights work to get a period, doing lecture appointments before choosing to depart the limelight. She wed fellow Miles College pupil and minister Hugh Lawrence Foster in the spring of 1956, as well as the couple went on to have four kids. Lucy continues to be recognized for her trailblazing efforts in desegregating the Univ. of Alabama, and in 1988 the school revoked its expulsion. She preferred to receive her master’s in education, attending the school in once as her daughter and graduating in 1992, using a scholarship created in her honour.

Autherine Lucy Biography

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