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Augustus Juilliard Biography

Juilliard was 83 years old when he died in Nyc on April 25, 1919. He surprised many having a will that left most of his substantial estate to the basis for music education, which resulted in the establishment of the renowned Juilliard School. After reaching their adopted nation, the Juilliard family settled in Ohio, where Juilliard resided until he was 30 years old.

In 1866, Juilliard moved from Ohio to Nyc, where he worked to get a material manufacturing company. Next firm’s insolvency, he founded A.D. Juilliard & Co., a textile company. His family history meant that Juilliard spoke fluent French, a skill which was occasionally useful when he socialized with cloth retailers.

An effective businessman, Juilliard served as a manager or trustee of several banking and insurance businesses. He also supported many leading New York cultural institutions, including the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as the Metropolitan Opera. In 1879, Thomas S. Greenman attempted to pay Juilliard with $5,100 in U.S. notes that weren’t backed by gold or silver.

Even though the authorities had issued such notes through the Civil War, this landmark decision declared that it had the same fiscal power during peacetime at the same time. On April 25, 1919, in the age of 83, Juilliard succumbed to pneumonia in his house at 11 West 57th Street in Nyc. Two months after his departure, Juilliard’s will was filed for probate. Few understood what the will’s astonishing contents would be.

Juilliard had no kids, and his own wife had predeceased him, so he’d no immediate family to provide for. After making provisions for a few relatives as well as several associations, Juilliard left instructions the balance of his estate was to be employed for the progress of music in America. At that time, it was the biggest single bequest ever made for musical development.

Several years after, in 1924, the trustees created the Juilliard Graduate School, where pupils could finish their music education. In 1926, the graduate school started to share a board of directors as well as a president together with the Institute of Musical Art (created in 1905). Both associations worked collectively as the Juilliard School of Music, and completely united in 1946.

The school is currently in the pinnacle of artwork and music education, as well as a component of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. It’s several notable alumni, including Yo-Yo Ma, Pat Benatar and Wynton Marsalis. It’s difficult to envision exactly what the world of artwork and music would appear to be today without Juilliard’s generous bequest.

Augustus Juilliard Biography

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