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Anthony “Tough Tony” Anastasio Biography

Full nameUmberto Anastasio
Know asAlbert Anastasia, Anastasia, Albert
Birth placeCalabria, Italy
Birth date1902-09-26
Lived55 years, 0 month, 29 days
Star signPisces
WorkGambino Crime Family Boss
SiblingsAnthony Anastasio , brother, Gerardo Anastasia, brother, Salvatore Anastasia , a brother
ParentsRaffaello Anastasio, Louisa Nomina de Filippi

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Umberto Anastasio Biography:

Anastasio expired in 1963. Sometime between 1917 and 1924, he entered America after leaving a boat where he was employed as a deckhand. Antonio selected to anglicize his name, and finally became known as Anthony “Tough Tony” Anastasio.

Anastasio became a U.S. citizen, along with his brothers Joseph and Albert, who’d jumped ship with him. In time, Albert became a crucial figure in the organization called Murder Inc., which undertook contract killings for the five crime families of New York. His brother’s mortal pursuits helped Anastasio rise to power in the longshoremen’s union through the 1930s.

Anastasio’s reputation was one that illustrated how understanding and anxiety could rule. In the middle of the Second World War, a gossip emerged that Anastasio had organized to get a fire on the S.S. Normandie, a French luxury liner. Though no real evidence existed to support the narrative, once mob leader Lucky Luciano received a transport from Dannemora to a more enjoyable penitentiary, no other boats were ruined.

While in his positions of power in the 1940s and 1950s, the piers Anastasio manage were a steady means of prohibited gain for the gang. Resources of income contained worker kickbacks, stolen goods and returns from shipping companies. In 1957, Albert was killed in a barber shop in the Park Sheraton Hotel in Nyc. Anastasio identified his brother’s own body. Nevertheless, Anastasio was permitted to maintain his standing in the piers.

Anxiety for his own life, possibly coupled with rage at his loss of power, prompted Anastasio to begin meeting together with the FBI. During one meeting, FBI records record that Anastasio declared Albert’s departure was deserved. Anastasio said, “I ate from exactly the same table as Albert and came from the exact same uterus but I understand he killed many guys and he deserved to perish.”

The FBI was never in a position to make use of Anastasio as a full fledged informant. A brief time after starting to talk to investigators, Anastasio expired at Long Island Hospital in Brooklyn, Ny, on March 1, 1963. His passing, at age 57, was the consequence of complications following a heart attack. Anastasio’s son in law, Anthony Scotto, succeeded him in running the longshoremen’s union. A life of crime could happen to be passed down from one generation to another as well, as Scotto supposedly also became an associate of the Gambino crime family.

Anthony “Tough Tony” Anastasio Biography

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