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Ann Richards Biography

Full nameSally Ann Richards

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Sally Ann Richards Biography:

Created September 1, 1933, Texas Democrat Ann Richards started working for political campaigns in 1950. She was elected county commissioner in 1976, subsequently state treasurer in 1982. Known for her sharp wit, powerful nature and liberal political viewpoints, Richards fought for women’s as well as minority rights and worked to bring more women and minorities into power. She demonstrated political guarantee in high school, shining in discussions. She went to get a teaching certificate in the University of Texas in Austin in 1955. Richards entered politics in the 1950 as a volunteer for a number of Democratic gubernatorial campaigns. Four years after Richards made her first bid for public office. She won a commissioner place for Travis County. She was reelected to that place in 1986.

Richards’ political profile kept growing. She was in the national limelight for the keynote address in the 1988 National Democratic Convention. During her address, she took a jab at George Bush, then vice president, saying “Poor George, he can not help it. He was born using a silver foot in his mouth.” The comment was widely repeated in the press coverage of the function.

In 1990, Richards ran for governor, vowing to raise the function of minorities as well as women in state government as strategy of her strategy to get a “new Texas.” Once elected, she made good on her promise with the addition of African Americans and girls to the Texas Rangers, a law enforcement agency. She also created the state lottery and enhanced the penitentiary system.

While serving as governor, Richards was named chairwoman of the Democratic National Convention in 1992. The convention chosen Bill Clinton to run for president of America. Richards shortly had her own election challenge to be concerned about. George W. Bush, the son of the guy she so famously dissed, ran against her in 1994 for the governorship. Richards said once that she’d underestimated her rival, blowing off him at one point as “some jerk.” She lost her reelection bid and left office in 1995.

After leaving office, Richards added her voice and her expertise to numerous liberal causes. She offered guidance and counsel to other Democratic politicians. Richards also worked as an advisor as well as a advisor. Lately she’d involved with all the development of the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in Austin. Using techniques specially tailored for female pupils with the emphasis on leadership abilities, the school will open in 2007. Fighting esophageal cancer for half a year, Ann Richards died from complications of the condition on September 13, 2006, in Austin, Texas. Soon after her departure, former president Bill Clinton escorted her coffin to the Capitol where thousands came to pay their last respects to among the best politicians in Texas history.

Ann Richards Biography

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