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Amanda Beard Biography

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Amanda Bearde Biography:

Afterwards, she needed to struggle to keep her standing as a competitive swimmer while also fighting having a poor body image. Amanda Ray Beard was created in Newport Beach, California, on October 29, 1981. The youngest of three daughters, she loved seeing her two sisters training for the local swim team.

When she joined the Novaquatics, Beard’s preferable stroke was the butterly. However an assistant trainer, seeing that Beard was not using appropriate breaststroke techniques, had Beard relearn that stroke. As she perfected her breaststroke, Beard started clocking quicker and quicker times, and began winning races at higher degrees of competition. At 14 years old, Amanda Beard’s breaststroke skills took her to the Olympic trials, where she taken her teddy bear, “Harold,” with her. Beard was the second-most youthful U.S. medalist in swimming at the time.

When Beard went through puberty following the Games, a six-inch growth spurt and its own accompanying extra pounds made her battle to achieve the same rates that she’d achieved previously. Beard briefly halted swimming, but returned to the sport following several months. Still a strong swimmer, she received a scholarship to the University of Arizona. After training at school, she made the 2000 Olympic team. Beard won a bronze medal in the 200-meter breaststroke in the Games in Sydney.

She went to win an individual gold medal while establishing an Olympic record in the 200m breaststroke. In 2008, Beard made her fourth Olympic team, and was chosen as a co-captain. Sadly, Beard failed to make it past the preliminaries and ended up finishing 18th in Beijing. After giving birth to your son in 2009, Beard started training again, but did not make the 2012 Olympic team.

Considering all the changes that puberty had brought, Amanda Beard started to fight with feelings of dislike for her body, taking to heart negative remarks people made when she did not do well in competition. While away at school, Beard additionally grown bulimia and started to cut herself.

After two unsuccessful relationships (with fellow swimmer Ryk Neethling and NASCAR driver Carl Edwards), Beard started seeing her future husband, photographer Sacha Brown, whom she’d met in 2005. With Brown’s support, Beard entered treatment and started taking antidepressants, finally learning to make do with her negative feelings. Amanda Beard gave up her amateur fit standing in 2001, which enabled her to receive sponsorships and endorsement deals.

After beginning treatment, Beard was requested to model for Playboy. The mixture of setting her body problems to rest, combined with the big pay check she’d receive, convinced her to go ahead together with the offer. She appeared in the July 2007 issue. A vegetarian, Beard also took part in a PETA campaign, with its showing picture, that was unveiled in Beijing in 2008. Along with modeling and sponsorships, Beard proceeds to market swimming, but still enjoys the sport she’s loved since she was a little girl.

Amanda Beard Biography

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