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Alma Reville Biography

Full nameAlma Lucy Reville
Know asAlma Reville, Reville, Alma
Birth placeNottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK
Birth date1899-08-14
Lived82 years, 10 month, 23 days
Star signLeo
Height5' (1.52 m)
SpouseAlfred Hitchcock
ParentsLucy Owen, Matthew Edward Reville

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Alma Lucy Reville Biography:

Her first job was employed as a tea girl in a motion picture studio, where she quickly rose through the ranks. In 1926, she married Alfred Hitchcock and became known as “Lady Hitchcock,” thanks mainly to her unwavering support of her husband above their life together.

“Among those many individuals who have brought to my life,” said Alfred Hitchcock, while accepting the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 1979, “I request permission to mention by name just four individuals that have given me the most affection, admiration, and encouragement, and continuous cooperation. The 2nd is a scriptwriter. The third is the mom of my daughter, Pat. And the fourth is a great a cook as ever performed miracles in a domestic kitchen. As well as their names are Alma Reville.” Despite Alfred Hitchcock’s kinship for placing his aperture on classy blonds, the star of his life was in fact a redhead. Alma Reville, who wed Hitchcock in 1926, played a longstanding role as the manager’s essential, though behind the scenes partner.

When she was young, her family moved to London, where her dad had gotten work at Twickenham Film Studios, the Uk ‘s biggest motion picture studio. The young girl frequently seen her dad at his occupation in the costume section in hopes to get a glance of well-known celebrities. Enterprising and hard working, Reville was shortly promoted into a cutter, whose job was to help directors in editing motion pictures. She also worked as a script girl as well as a director’s assistant, a mixture which gave her an exposure to filmmaking accessible to few girls at that time.

In 1919, the studio closed, but Alma Reville was given work by an American motion picture business called Famous Players-Lasky. That firm also hired a young graphic designer named Alfred Hitchcock. While Reville worked her way up to editor, Hitchcock slowly ascended to the job of art director. The two worked alongside one another for years, yet never talked. She concurred, indicating the start of a partnership that will last 60 years. Hitchcock and Reville would work on five movies together. Both wed on December 2, 1926. The couple had one daughter, Patricia Hitchcock.

Reville’s screen credits were substantial. She was the assistant director on The Lodger (1926) and helped craft screenplays for almost a dozen movies. She also composed screen versions through the 1930s, including The Secret Agent (1936) and The Lady Vanishes (1938). But Lady Hitchcock’s best known contribution to movie was possibly made at her husband’s side, gently guiding the “Master of Suspense,” who unquestioningly trusted her razor sharp eye for detail. Alma Reville Hitchcock expired in Bel Air, California, on July 6, 1982, two years after her husband.

Alma Reville Biography

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