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Allison Robicelli Biography

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Allison Robicelli Biography:

Born in Brooklyn in 1980, Allison Robicelli worked in restaurants so when a caterer for a long time before beginning her own company. She and her husband Matt started a gourmet foods and sandwich store in 2008. While economical problems led them to shut that store, the pair spun off their popular cupcakes into a unique company. In 2013, Robicelli and her husband released their very first cookbook, Robicelli’s: A Love Story, with Cupcakes. She’s of Italian American and Norwegian tradition.

Robicelli started out in the food company more focused on the savory side of things in the beginning. She was employed as a catering chef for a number of years. While learning to be a chef, Robicelli ran a cake company outside of her parents’ house. She afterwards was a pastry chef to get a period. The pair began dating and shortly got employed. After years of working for others, Allison and Matt Robicelli dreamed of starting their very own food company in Brooklyn. They found a gourmet foods and sandwich store in 2008. Sadly, the Robicellis saw the shop begin to flounder fast due to the fiscal disaster that occurred only a week as soon as they opened.

The Robicellis fought financially to keep their shop afloat. In 2009, the couple added to their family with all the arrival of the second son Toby. Allison spent much of her time at home looking following the couple’s two kids while Matt ran the store. “We desired to make great cake, but folks do not actually purchase full-sized cakes quite frequently,” she told Food52.com. They chose to focus on cupcakes instead. “It is wonderful cake it is possible to eat any darn time you please.”

After deciding to shut their shop, the Robicellis focused their efforts on their cupcake company. They developed quite a following for his or her uncommon party favor mixes, such as the tremendously popular chicken and waffles cupcake. Customers also valued their dedication to substance over style.

In the year 2012, Allison Robicelli revealed that she was more than a favorite food style. She helped spearhead relief efforts in Brooklyn after the devastation brought on by Hurricane Sandy. As she described to the Serious Eats web site, “If folks want help, Iwill help them, and I am not planning to await permission. I do not understand if it is the Brooklyn in me, or the food.” Robicelli used her family’s Bay Ridge flat as her order central, making sandwiches and accumulating goods to be dispersed to those in need. She earned the “Star of Brooklyn” honour from Brooklyn Spectator for her charitable work as well as for her contributions to the city.

Allison Robicelli’s star in the food world continued to grow. Allison also competed around the favorite Food Network show Chopped that same year. A gifted writer, she wrote about her encounter for Medium.com and functioned as among its contributors for a period. The Robicellis also started a brand new bakery in their own Bay Ridge, Brooklyn neighborhood.

With her husband Matt, Robicelli continues to seek out new methods to bring interesting flavors collectively in her treats. Robicelli is still adores her cupcakes, however, and believes that they’ll not ever go of trend. As she told Epicurious.com, “Cupcakes are tasty, span. Everyone adores them, but suddenly something is the ‘next cupcake’ so we must not be eating them anymore? Does anyone understand how absolutely stupid this all is?”

Allison Robicelli Biography

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