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Allen Allensworth Biography

Produced in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 7, 1842, Allen Allensworth escaped from captivity to utilize Union forces in the Civil War. He afterwards worked as a restaurateur, Freedman’s Bureau teacher and military chaplain before founding the all-black California colony of Allensworth in 1908. He died under mysterious conditions on September 14, 1914, using the town of Allensworth finally being a state park.

Allen Allensworth was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 7, 1842, in the slavery system of the antebellum South. In the behest of his mother Phyllis, he learned to read from their master’s son. It had been found out and Allensworth was sent into a Quaker family, finally sold from your Louisville estate in the mid-1850s.

Together with the Civil War underway and Northern forces entering Kentucky, Allensworth escaped and made his approach to Union forces, employed as a nursing assistant and after that going into the Navy, serving until 1865.

He triumphed and was made on April 1, 1886, to the 24th Infantry in Oklahoma, an African American “Buffalo Soldier” regiment where he served for 2 decades.

Allensworth additionally wed teacher and musician Josephine Leavell in 1887, using the couple going on to have two daughters.

Along with his religious responsibilities, Allensworth coordinated groundbreaking educational programs for his constituency and was afterwards sent abroad to the Philippines. After his come back to the states, he was promoted to the position of lieutenant colonel by the time of his retirement in 1906, becoming the top rated African American officer of the day.

Allensworth later lectured nationwide on African American uplift in the vein of Tuskegee Institute founder Booker T. Washington. Allensworth became the first all-African American township in California founded and funded by black citizens, together with the target because of its denizens to live free of the bias and violence struck in the rest of the U.S.

The town at one point was in a position to place at least several dozen residents and provide an active civic and societal life. But it faced major problems with no follow through from the Pacific Farming Company over pledged water allotments as well as the Santa Fe Railroad’s choice to offer no stop at Allensworth.

Allen Allensworth expired on September 14, 1914, after being struck by means of a bike when getting off a streetcar in La, on his approach to a speaking engagement, with ongoing guess on if the event was an accident or deliberate.

Allen Allensworth Biography

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