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Alice Munro Biography




Produced in Canada in 1931, writer Alice Munro, mostly known for her short stories, attended the University of Western Ontario. Her first set of stories was released as Dance of the Happy Shades. The exact same year, she released the short story collection Too Much Happiness. In 2013, at age 82, Munro was given the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature. Additionally in now, Munro started publishing her work in a variety of magazines.

Munro’s first set of stories (and first novel-length work) was released in 1968 as Dance of the Happy Shades; the collection attained great success in Munro’s native state, including her first Governor General’s Prize for fiction. 3 years after, she released Lives of Girls and Women, an assortment of stories that critics deemed a Bildungsroman—a work centering on the primary character’s moral and emotional growth.

Alice Munro Biography