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Alfred Nobel Biography

Produced on October 21, 1833, in Stockholm, Sweden, Alfred Nobel worked at his dad’s arms factory as a young man. Intellectually curious, he went to experiment with chemistry and explosives. In 1864, a fatal explosion killed his smaller brother. Profoundly influenced, Nobel developed a safer explosive: dynamite. Nobel used his vast fortune to set up the Nobel Prizes, which has come to be known for giving the biggest accomplishments around the planet. Nobel died of a stroke in 1896.

Alfred was often sickly as a kid, however he was consistently energetic and inquisitive about the planet around him. Although Nobel was a proficient engineer and prepared inventor, Alfred’s dad fought to create a lucrative company in Sweden. When Alfred was 4, his dad moved St. Petersburg, Russia, to take a job manufacturing explosives. Alfred’s just wealthy parents sent him to private coaches in Russia, and he immediately mastered chemistry and became fluent in English, French, German and Russian at the same time as his native language, Swedish.

Alfred left Russia in age 18. After spending a year in Paris studying chemistry, Alfred moved to America. After five years, Nobel returned to Russia and started working in his dad’s factory making military equipment for the Crimean War. In 1859, in the war’s ending, the firm went broke. The family moved back to Sweden, and Alfred shortly started experimenting with explosives. In 1864, when Alfred was 29, an enormous explosion in the household ‘s Swedish factory killed five individuals, including Alfred’s younger brother Emil. Radically changed by the big event, Nobel set out to develop a safer explosive. In 1867, Nobel patented a combination of nitroglycerin and an absorbent material, creating what he named “Dynamite.”

A French paper erroneously printed Alfred’s obituary instead of Ludvig’s, and condemned Alfred for his creation of dynamite.

After taxes and bequests to people, Nobel left 31,225,000 Swedish kronor (equivalent to 250 million U.S. dollars in 2008) to finance the Nobel Prizes.

Alfred Nobel Biography

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