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Alexander Stephens Biography

Full nameNick Faltas
Height5' 11" (1.8 m)

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Nick Faltas Biography:

Alexander Stephens was an American politician produced near Crawfordville, Georgia, on February 11, 1812. During his youth, he fell ill readily and also endured the loss of both parents. After studying law, he served in the Georgia legislature after which as the state’s governor. Following the war, Stephens was imprisoned. Upon his release, he worked as a U.S. representative. He expired on March 4, 1883, in Atlanta, Georgia.

His mom died several months after his arrival, and his dad subsequently remarried. In 1824, his dad passed away from pneumonia, as did his stepmother a week after. Stephens and one brother moved in with the uncle in Warren County while other sibs were disbursed among other relatives. Alexander Stephens was a sickly lad, but had a brilliant head and performed nicely in private and public schools. He practiced law within another year or two, and, in this time, got an interest in politics.

Alexander Stephens Biography

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