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Abraham Zapruder Biography

Full nameAbraham Zapruder
Know asAbraham Zapruder, Zapruder, Abraham
Birth placeKowel, Poland, Russian Empire [now Kovel, Volyn Oblast, Ukraine]
Birth date1905-05-15
Lived65 years, 3 month, 15 days
Star signTaurus
OccupationDress manufacturer
SpouseLillian Sapovnik

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Abraham Zapruder Biography:

Produced in Russia in 1905, Abraham Zapruder immigrated to America as a teen. He first arrived in Brooklyn, Ny, where he was employed in the garment company. He eventually started up his own dress business called Jennifer Juniors, Inc. He sold the rights to the movie to LIFE magazine. Zapruder expired in Texas in 1970.

He recorded the event on film, making among the few visual records of the American tragedy. Zapruder immigrated to America as a teen. In the beginning he lived in Brooklyn, Ny, where he found work as a pattern maker in the garment industry.

In 1933, Zapruder wed his wife Lillian. The couple eventually had two kids, Henry and Myrna. Zapruder moved to Texas in the early 1940s to get a job opportunity. He finally created his clothing company, including a dress line called Jennifer Juniors, Inc. On November 22, 1963, Zapruder and a few of his workers went outside of the office to look at President John F. Kennedy drive by. He’d forgotten his camera that morning, but one of his workers recovered from his house for him.

Along with his camera, Zapruder was able to catch the whole assassination of President John F. Kennedy on picture. “I was standing up here and I had been firing through a telephoto lens,” he afterwards described, in accordance with Sixth Floor Museum web site. Chance and that I saw the president lean over and catch himself.” Still looking through his camera, Zapruder saw the picture that hit Kennedy in the head.

Zapruder’s film was developed after in that day, and copies were made for investigators. The magazine after purchased all of the rights associated with the picture. The alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was immediately detained, however he was killed by Jack Ruby a small amount of time afterwards.

The Warren Commission, which investigated Kennedy’s assassination, relied greatly on Zapruder’s movie. The picture was utilized by FBI to create the sequence and time of occasions in the assassination. Its final report, issued in 1964, contained still pictures from Zapruder’s movie. Zapruder himself also testified before the commission.

Following the assassination, Zapruder was interviewed numerous times to give his report of the assassination. He was likewise brought in as a witness for the 1969 trial of Clay Shaw as a potential co conspirator in the Kennedy assassination. Zapruder expired the following year, on August 30, 1970, of cancer.

In 1975, Life magazine sold Zapruder’s first picture and all of the rights to Zapruder’s family for $1. They soon created the LMH Company to take care of company related to the movie. 3 years after, the family gave the first picture to the National Archives for safekeeping.

The film raised lots of questions about the assassination, making a new wave of public interest in this American tragedy. In response to public pressure, a fresh bill known as the JFK Act was passed by the Congress to make available previously classified information about the assassination.

As part of the act, the Assassination Records Review Board was made to analyze what files and contents may be published. The board also decided the authorities should take possession of all relevant evidence in the Kennedy case, for example, Zapruder movie. After years of legal wrangling and negociate, the Zapruder family was given $16.5 million for the first picture in 1999. Then they given the related copyrights to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.

Abraham Zapruder Biography

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