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Alan Shepard Biography

Alan Shepard was born on November 18, 1923, in New Hampshire. In 1959, Shepard became among the first seven Mercury program astronauts. Shepard died on July 21, 1998. After finishing high school, Shepard registered in the U.S. Naval Academy. Shepard served on the destroyer Cogswell in the Pacific during the second ...

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Christopher Marlowe Biography

Produced in Canterbury, England, in 1564. Marlowe earned his bachelors of arts degree in 1584, but in 1587 the university hesitated in giving him his master’s degree. Its uncertainties (possibly originating from his regular absences, or conjecture which he had converted to Roman Catholicism and would shortly attend school elsewhere) were ...

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Ralph Ellison Biography

He released his bestselling, acclaimed first novel Invisible Man in 1952; it will be considered a seminal work on marginalization from an African American protagonist’s viewpoint. Ellison’s incomplete novel Juneteenth was released posthumously in 1999. Ellison’s doting dad, Lewis, who adored kids and read books voraciously, worked as an ice and ...

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Herman Melville Biography

The author written many novels and after in life composed poetry. Famous for his novel Moby Dick, Melville was just heralded as among America’s finest writers after his departure on September 28, 1891. In the mid-1820s, youthful Herman fell ill to scarlet fever, and though he recovered his health not long ...

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Michelangelo Biography

His works comprise the “David” and “Pieta” statues and the ceiling paintings of Rome’s Sistine Chapel, such as the “Last Judgment.” As a result of his mom’s sickness, yet, Michelangelo was set using a family of stonecutters, where he afterwards jested, “With my wet nurse’s milk, I sucked in the hammer ...

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Lewis Carroll Biography

Produced on January 27, 1832 in Daresbury, Cheshire, England, Charles Dodgson composed and created games as a kid. Dodgson was self-conscious but loved creating stories for kids. His novels including “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” were released under the pen name Lewis Carroll. The oldest boy in a family group of 11 ...

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