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Mickey Cohen Biography

Mickey Cohen was born on September 4, 1913, in Brooklyn, Ny, and grew up in La. Following a troubled youth, Cohen’s first links with top Jewish and Italian mobsters came during his teen years, through his participation in the boxing game. During the Great Depression he packaged professionally, and acted ...

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Frank M. Johnson Biography

Produced on October 30, 1918, in Haleyville, Alabama, Frank M. Johnson was an attorney before becoming a state national judge. He made important opinions during his tenure holding racial segregation unconstitutional and which favored African American voting equity, after becoming known for his prison and hospital reforms. A receiver of ...

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Tony Accardo Biography

Produced April 26, 1906, in Chicago, Illinois, into a shoemaker and his wife, Antonino Leonardo Accardo dropped from grade school and immediately dedicated himself into a life of organized crime. Accardo came to infamy as a hitman for Al Capone who supposedly participated in the Valentine’s Day Massacre. Never convicted ...

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Margaret Sanger Biography

Margaret Sanger – Margaret Sanger was born on September 14, 1879, in Corning, Ny. In 1910 she moved to Greenwich Village and began a publication boosting a female ‘s right to birth control (a term that she coined). Obscenity laws compelled her to flee the united states until 1915. In ...

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